The tribute to El Monte by Rosario Cárdenas


Estela Ferrer Raveiro 15 September, 2013 Culture

Barely after entering into the hall of the Havana’s Mella theater the public must go through a set of plants and timbers set as an arch way. It is a natural threshold that serves as a prelude to an encounter with El Monte by the leading researcher and Cuban anthropologist Lydia Cabrera. It is not here the physical book, but is deployed in dance steps, lights, music and color.

Recognized as the Bible of Afro-Cuban religions and myths, the work served as an inspiration to choreographer Rosario Cardenas to create a new piece under her concept of Combinatory Dance. The name of this movement technique comes from Mathematics; Combinatorial Analysis specifically in their formulas includes combination, permutation and variation. However, in this setting without abandoning its choreography concept becomes more vigorous, more sensual, and even sexual.

No longer there is Piñera ancestral voice, but the word on the lips of her dancers to illustrate the different mountain woods or sounds from so entangled places. El Monte is deployed to its fullest extent and diversity of life. It is taken by them and become metaphors, symbols and states like the doodle and trance, respectively.

The choreography is based on original music by Dj Ivan Lejardi, who created alongside Juan Piñera a melody in tune with the mysteries of divine associations and African roots. It also transcends the simple dance scene movement to spread to the corridors and to the air by the rope executions by dancer Gabriel Corrales.

This time, you enjoy the art of dance, and at the same time, its integration with the visual. The video is another way to penetrate the forest and its cosmic essence and in a desire that attendees also get caught up in the magic, not only appropriates the screens, but also the roof of the theater. In addition to an epilogue, you enjoy the interpretation of the Fuera de Norma troupe. Therefore, it is not only a dancing show this Tribute … but a whole fusion of the arts.